Agency: Studio Lumini
Digital art director: Clara Faritiet

In a society that aims to reduce CO2 emissions, Paris will be the first city in France to ban thermal engine vehicles by 2030. It is therefore on the side of electric scooters that ZEWAY wants to reinvent urban mobility.

Finding a battery, or transporting it to your home is not an easy task. Zeway answers these problems with a simple concept: the user owns his scooter. ZEWAY puts at his disposal a network of interchangeable electric batteries in a network of less than 2 km.

L’application connectée
au scooter

  • Electric scooter keyless start
  • Geolocation of the scooter
  • Battery charge level indication
  • Low battery warning
  • Maintenance notification
  • Location of exchange stations on your route
  • Guidance to the nearest exchange station
  • Alerting you of technical anomalies or suspicious scooter movement
  • Access to your account and contract information
  • Loan the scooter to a third person via their own smartphone